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Our kennel "Solnechnaya Dinastiya Zenbox"

Dogs in our house were always.

But I will begin history with 1977g, when our first black midget poodle KASYA appeared in our house. It was brought from Kiev, from known then producers .

Unfortunately, ne had an only one dung and e puppies were lost. Nevertheless, it lived for us 17,5 years. When e did not become, long without a dog we were not able and purchased apricot karlushu Kassiopeyu. When I made a match we decided to lead an official dog. After long reflections a choice fallen on a boxer. We chosen a dog coming from e of workings qualities. Before my mother held dogs and how to choose a dog we knew. About no exhibition career we and did not think. However when we were seen by our neighbour, it said that our dog is necessary to be certainly shown on an exhibition.


A nursery was founded in 2002g «Solnechnaya dinastiya zenbox ». Nurserymen is ZENINA SVETLANA and her daughter Dmitrieva Olga , which is the leader of breed boxer in the separation of KSU of city of Sevastopol. And certainly, my dear helpers: a husband of daughter is Yury and my grandchild Anastasiya.

While my boxers of my breeding gradually became vs better and better confidently winning at the beginning city, and then and occupying prize places on Sasovskikh exhibitions, my pudelishka practically was not proposed and, as it became more senior, I understood that not able to live without poodles, but these will be already exhibition dogs.

My Kassiopeya lived 11,5 years and, when she did not become, we had chosen nursery « Ocarovanie doma Romanovyh», where two poodles were purchased: white dwarf Gortenziya ocarovanie doma Romanovyhand apricot toy the izyaschinaya baryshnya ocarovanie doma Romanovyh

They and became the basic gene pool of our nursery. Presently poodles - children of these proizvoditel'nic live in a nursery.

The Chinese crested doggy appeared for us almost by chance. I always liked these dogs with their eccentric exterior of,no I and could not think, that once they will appear in my house.

However, when my friends of Romanovy Yuliya and Natasha offered to me to take in maintenance Chinese crested, I reflected not very much long. I thought that take an usual little doggy, and got a princess so delicate and intellectual it appeared.
And now I, certainly, I will develop this magnificent breed



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